Digital Prints Gallery

A selection of Mark Graver’s digital prints made from 2015 on-wards.  The works here are all conceived as digital prints, made with a computer and printed in small editions on professional archival inkjet printers.

So With Present Time II - inkjet, 260x705mm - 2015
So With Present Time II – inkjet, 260x705mm – 2015

The works usually start out as a series of photographs which are manipulated using computer software.  They are usually made in layers in much the same way as multi-plate etchings are.

I see strong links technically and conceptually between traditional printmaking, collage and digital printmaking that also connects the process to video (film) and sound (music).  They are all collage techniques in a way, with the different elements layered from back to front or in linear seriality.

Most of the works form parts of on-going series that relate to particular themes, concepts and  ideas.  A more detailed account and background information on specific bodies of work can be found here 

Digital Prints Selection
1969 - Inkjet, 2015
1969 – Inkjet, 2015


Made for the Parallel Prints NZ/Australia 2015 portfolio curated by Art at Wharepuke.  The work features 3 layered images. Photographs of Sydney Harbour Bridge, a picture of the luggage ticket on an old suitcase in my Mother’s garage and a picture of my bear, Ben, who once fell into the Panama Canal.  Printed in an edition of 36 the portfolio was exhibited simultaneously at Wharepuke in NZ and at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Australia.


Garden Yen Ben 2015 archival inkjet 100 x 100 mm