I’d never really lived anywhere that had much of a garden before I moved to New Zealand in 2003.  Before coming to NZ I lived in Hackney in the East End of London; I now live at Wharepuke among five acres of subtropical gardens

Wharepuke has been in my partner, Tania’s, family since 1938 when her grandfather bought it.  Her father Robin Booth began planting around 1993 while running a plant nursery.  Now established Wharepuke has been that has been awarded Garden of Significance status by the NZGT.

Tania and I have now added the Wharepuke Print Studio, Art at Wharepuke Gallery and the Wharepuke Sculpture Park as well as setting up tourist and artist residency cottage accommodation.

I’m often asked if living in this environment influences my work and although one can’t help but be influenced by the forms, structures, colours and textures of the plants it is only recently that the garden has become a regular deliberate source of imagery.

Garden Series 2015/16

These new digital prints use manipulated photographic imagery taken at Wharepuke.  Made with layers of textures, patterns and forms they are a response to and an evocation of place.