Printmaking Works and Series

salix series
Salix series 2012 triptyich 600x500mm each

Printmaking Works and Series

Printmaking has been at the centre of Mark Graver’s practice  since 1985. He is a  specialist in Non Toxic  Printmaking and specifically Acrylic Resist Etching with the content and context of his work evolving and developing in tandem with new technical and technological processes and approaches to now include video, digital printmaking and sound work alongside ‘traditional’ handmade works.

His specific interest is concentrated at the point where these approaches meet and cross – the editonable act/event/encounter of pulling a print or screening a film, the re-presenting of this act/event/encounter and its relationship with memory, place and time.


Often working in series and relating themes across different media Graver’s work aims to be both a personal reflection and an offered correspondence to the wider human condition.

Recent bodies of works and series include:

Lake Series 2017
Lake II- 2017 – archival inkjet 329 x 329 mm
Collage Series 2016
Collage III – 2016, archival inkjet, 100 x 100 mm
Facade Series 2016
Facade 2 2016 – archival inkjet 250 x 250mm
The Last of What Has Passed, The First of That Which Comes 2015/16
The Last of What Has Passed VI – inkjet 200 x 200mm – 2015
Umbra Sumus 2013/14
Umbra Sumus 2013 Photopolymer etching 200 x 200 mm

He also works actively as a curator and contributor to international printmaking projects, exhibitions and exchanges and runs courses and residencies in Non-Toxic Printmaking at Wharepuke and internationally.

He  taught Non Toxic Printmaking, Drawing, Art History and Art Theory on the Kerikeri NorthTec Arts degree for ten years before North Tec closed the Arts Department in Kerikeri in 2015 and  is author of A&C Black Printmaking Handbook ‘Non-Toxic Printmaking’.