Undertow Series 2014

Undertow is a series of photo-polymer etchings and related short video works begun in 2014.

The prints are all 250 x 400 mm image size.  The HD videos are shot from under water looking up towards the sky during rainfall

The concern with the videos is to capture the effects of light, shadow and sound at a particular place and point in time – there are two distinct locations where the footage is gathered. There is no editing other than changing the speed and setting the duration of each video to two minutes, so the same process is performed on all the footage regardless of it’s original length.

The Undertow etchings are produced from isolated video stills, manipulated in Photoshop then etched into aluminium plates using a copper sulphate and salt mordant.

The intention is to create a fluid installation using elements of the different mediums to explore connections, similarities and differences between the moving, temporal and the still images and between photographic and traditional printmaking processes.

'Combinations', Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Bangor, 2014
‘Combinations’, Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Bangor, 2014

A series of nine etchings and a 14 minute looped video were included in the exhibition Combinations at the Centre for Contemporary Printmaking at Seacourt Print Workshop, Bangor Northern Ireland in July/August 2014