Wharepuke Print Studio

studioThe Wharepuke Print Studio, Kerikeri, New Zealand

The Wharepuke Print Studio the only dedicated  Acrylic Resist Etching studio in New Zealand.

Founded in 2005  by Mark Graver, award winning artist printmaker and author of  Non-Toxic Printmaking (2011, London, A&C Black), the studio offers courses, workshops and residencies  covering Acrylic Resist Etching for artists wishing to learn safer etching techniques.

Traditional etching uses acids and solvents which are potentially  harmful to artists and the environment.

At The Wharepuke Print Studio no acids or solvents are used and etching takes place using the Edinburgh Etch for copper (ferric chloride and citric acid) and copper sulphate/salt mordant for aluminium, zinc and steel.  No toxic fumes are released using these techniques and all inks are water based Akua Intaglio ( available for purchase from the studio)

Set within the two hectares of the award winning Wharepuke Subtropical Garden in the historic Kerikeri Basin, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.